Send #drinks to friends and followers, #instantly.

Super easy to use; no really!

We've made it as simple as buying a drink in person so just - Login, buy a token, choose a contact and send. Simple!

Tokens cost £3.99, No hidden fees or charges.

Where can they have a drink?

Using some very cleaver tech, we provide drinks to use at Starbucks or order a BrewDog delivered anywhere in the UK.

We're also working hard to bring you Costa, Café Nero, Pret A Manger and Green King Pubs just in time for the height of summer!

You just send a token and the receiver gets to decide where to spend their voucher upto £3.00;

We use the 99p difference to cover our costs and provide this awesome service!.

Why use DrinkSendo?

Because this is something new and fresh and its about time you gave that special person the drink you owe them - Dont you think?

We also love making life that little bit better for everyone. Please let us know if you have any comments.